New Years Day Content Smash Begins With The Powers of Ten Challenges

To smash : To make great content. Sure. You can make it mean what you want. But, here there is one direct meaning for the phrase “Want to Smash?”

Let’s say you’re interested in the music industry. You enjoy live broadcasting content. You would like to get your image out there to build an audience. You may be thinking; “I want to smash.” Because you know it’s going to take content to get yourself lit anywhere online. And, what kind of content gets lit? There are markets for all things and today things are intertwining competitively in aims to stand out. The Power of Ten Challenges is the power to challenge the audience and expose crowd participations virtue.

(Sub for sub before New Years Day with YouTube)

Want to lip-sync the song Fleek? You may be able to win a free promo copy of the Powers of Ten by Daddy Kid by sending a direct message to @KingDaddyKid on Instagram. Request the promo code and if there are available promo codes for distribution you’ll have a code in your reply inbox. Up to 500 are being given away.

Live content gets your smash lit.

Have you seen the power of live broadcasting driving traffic one place or another? If your answer is yes the above statement in bold makes a lot of sense. If you would like to be a part of a New Years Day dance off ushering in 2018 with an album releasing January 1st 2018 to the public. You can join the challenge to enter the live broadcast on YouNow New Years Eve into New Years Day. The live broadcast will invite the audience to dance in guest cast. Those clips may one day be your smash that continually get lit. Any moment can be a smash and in live broadcast anything can happen. Join the Daddies Kids social media family entering challenges to extend Daddy Kid music into the publics eye. Become a part of something in 2018 and register right now on

“My goal is to start 2018 with a lit live broadcast. That may only be a few thousand or hundred views. But, anything can happen when you’re dancing on live stream.”

Purchase the Daddy Kid Powers of Ten on AmazoniTunes, and Apple Music! Join the content frenzy if you’re the type that loves to smash. Join and register right now!