Hyper Sexual Dance Music Theory Created by Christian Thomas Sutter

For some of us “Want to smash?” is an investigative question leading to a request for a sexual relationship.

Music Producer Christian Sutter living in Emerson New Jersey known for viral live broadcasts, and diverse music, has created a dance music genre. The genre falls into the category of EDM or Electronic Dance Music. There are a multiple of specific elements that define Hyper Sexual Music. The first experimentation is defined in the video below. The objective is to mirror P300 brain waves of the hyper sexual mind with auditory perception.

The concept is simple.

If, the P300 oscillates at approximately 42.5 hz, than resonant frequencies mirrored to oscillate in the same fashion may trigger the mind into a hyper sexual state.

Kick 85 hz doubles thin band +/- filter (Filter A)

Hat 8.5 khz half’s thin band +/- filter (Filter B)

The selection of mixing kicks and snares offers a shortness in sample. The high hat happens very quickly. Speeding it up makes it happen faster in some cases. When it’s fast enough to mirror the activity in the brain it could offer a relationship that mirrors P300 brain waves. When mixed filter A applies volume boost and filter B applies reduction of the same resonant frequencies. Every other note is filtered from A to B. The oscillations time signatures in test experimenting are for fine tuning. Once the Hyper Sexual formula perfected beats at 240 bpm can be made to juggle with beats at 120 bmp. The music genre can begin to think about 32 measures of Hyper Sexual matching up to 16 measures of 120 bpm music. Syncing of the two can elevate the music industry to a new hyper sexual challenge. Where two tracks sync to become one.


The formula is theoretical and it has not yet been tested with Electroencephalography.

Can music really control your brain?

If it could. What kind of music would you listen to every morning to remind you that you’re on fleek?


The tests that were studied offered hyper sexual stimulation defined in consistency of brain waves exhibited in females. The subjects were given a number of images to look at including images that make people thirsty. The study may answer the question; “Why do I want to smash all the time?” (When consideration for the term is dictated by thirstyness.) Brain activity developed in early adolesent development may have created imbalances in hyper sexuals that effect their P300 brain waves in a specific way. The specifics in layman terms; P300 Frequencies in the Hyper Sexual experience high boost and loss of the same frequency within milliseconds. Hyper sexual music represents those frequencies by way of filtering drum and high hat tracks playing to the speed of 240bpm altering boost and reduction sample to sample.

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