Someone Wants To Smash In The Octagon Or Boxing Ring

There are many uses for the word smash. Is to box and knock out to smash?

Think of the way Floyd Mayweather throws a punch and you may think; “Floyd just smashed that boxer.” In the celebrity boxing world rise up 2018 demographic Jake Paul of Team Ten is taking on someone that was talking trash. Stories like these are endless in the SEO potential. Jake Paul called out RiceGum in a recent vLog. This is looking like a celebrity throw down with plenty of potential to coach boxer hopefuls like SODMG‘s SouljaBoy. If you follow some of the YouTube personalities closely no one needs to tell you RiceGum attempted to get Kim Kardashian naked while playing a first person shooter. Kanye West has ultimately been silent since coming off tour. It’s not likely you’ll see Kanye West fighting RiceGum in Jake Pauls octagon. But, when it was Chris Brown having to throw punches with a man he didn’t show up. Mike Tyson is another celebrity boxing trainer with a song titled; “If you show up.” Perhaps, just Mike Tyson‘s presence was enough to make the worlds greatest technical boxer advise the fight be called off. Sunny Malouf may end up being one of the ring girls in Jake Paul’s future fights. It appears to be a brothers square off. Jake and Logan Paul in one corner matching up against KSI and his younger brother. Jake Paul took it to the street with KSI’s younger brother and brought boxing gloves to the basketball court. However, once again it didn’t go down because both fighters needed training. Logan Paul against KSI is a match up that has an undefeated fighter in KSI breaking the Paul brothers into the ring. Will it go down? There are so many smash content makers on social media influenced around this fast footwork. Redman has his home grown Staten Island connection also waiting for a fight. Professional boxer Darren Venom Goodall is awaiting a show up as well. The audiences are teaming at the content placing their interests in bets that eventually a fight will go down.

Be Our Fam

People are “Thirsty” for a fight! The hype has broken the glass ceiling!

Song by Daddy Kid off the Powers of Ten album! 

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