Want To Smash This Three Kings Day?


Want To Smash this Three Kings Day?

“Want To Smash And Make Beautiful CONTENT”

To Smash : To make content that goes viral on the internet.

What a wonderful tradition it would be for the youth to be exposed to Three King’s Day and in return tell the story of their new age nuances to their elders. Hypothetically, the young and old getting on Musical.ly or another form of social media. Three Kings Day makes for crowns and family good playing time. Recording the history of your life with a smash potential that includes your real world fam. Internet families are inspiring! There’s nothing more inspiring than creating a little tradition of your own along the way. Join the Daddies Kids this Three King’s Day! Musical.ly with your family while sharing traditional stories old and new.

Have a happy and safe holiday season for all those in celebration this January 2018!

Try This Challenge out for size this Three Kings Day!

#DaisyDukesChallenge “Create a musical.ly with a pair of jeans transformed into Daisy Dukes and use the song Daisy Dukes by Daddy Kid on the Powers of Ten album.”

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