Want To Smash Science Of Slang

When you think of the words “Want to smash?” You may think a of a number of different meanings. Modern times has developed technology providing a new generation of active users that can share information very quickly with a “lets do this” style mindest. You may think initially that want to smash may relate to pumpkins. But, if someone was licking their lips aggressively it may be an indicator of interest. There are plenty to have smashed pumpkins once used as halloween decorations. Sure! It may make you happy to know that there are more meanings for the word smash. It could mean the act of smashing. But, it may also have a relationship to beautiful content. If you were to use the word smash like; “Let’s make a smash hit in the recording studio.” It may make you thirsty to know that verbiage’s cryptic messages can illuminate additional meanings. If someone was to say to you “Want to smash?” they may be referencing the idea to make content. However, if someone was to say; “Are you thirsty right now?” and follow that up with “Want to smash?” they may most definitely be advancing you seeking a romantic relationship. To evolve from chance meeting to romantic relationship requires a need to fill the drive that calls for us to seal our love with a partner. Initiation must be created to act as an opportunist when someone hot walks past. If you need to remember quotes that can act as openers for experimentation remember that culture of the people can fuse cryptic meanings to create a common sense of awareness offering verified slang exist. Sharing like minded interest may become a development of understanding.  At first sight you may not write a song about the perfect look providing for an opportunity to smash, and capture the moment with beautiful content. Before you get the chance to lower the lights on a relationship that was something more than content based you’ll have to come to a consensual understanding. Therefore, the language of slang makes for unique content generated for the modern cultures developing in our world today. Want to smash may mean anything in the future. Slang words are sometimes viral creations offering social media influencers their claim to the words fleek.  No matter the information we share the world has a way about to evolving words like smash. Words evolution sometimes happens by celebrity personalities lift with content going viral due to DJ request at every party across the world. Viral content can make words like smash take on meanings that make the word synonymous with content generation. Prepare for the future evolution of wanttosmash.com of stories! Follow the interesting stories created by music industry performing recording live broadcasting artist Daddy Kid. Become a part of the “Daddies Kids” evolution of modern times where a cultivation is offered within music produced for teaming listeners sharing social media to evoke viral properties of content generated to inspire positivity.

“If you’re thirsty right now I am too. To be honest.”

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