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This is how it went… JAKE PAUL.

January 30th 2020 Trending Boxing Fight Night Reviews 


Artur Akvavov vs Demetrius Andre

Fight night started with a face off for the middle weight championship of the world. The match up between the Russian Artur Akavov and American Demetrius Andre. Three time two division champion Demetrius Andre boasts a perfect record of 26-0 stepping into the ring. Both Andre and Akavov are south paw left handed fighters. The initial three rounds completed with Andre landing and throwing more punches. The fourth round ended with a flurry of punches thrown by Demetrius Andre. Artur Akavov appeared to be running out of stamina and displayed transparent difficultly when attempting to land punches. The stiff right jab in combination with long range left hook were too much for Artur Akavov. Demetrius Andre drew blood in early moments of the tenth round. The champion would remain undefeated winning his twenty seventh boxing match with 37 seconds left in the twelfth round. The referee decided to call the fight. In the words of the referee; “I care about you.” Artur Akavov was not happy about the fight being stopped. Due to a large cut over his left and staggering eye the referee would call the fight. 

Tevin Farmer vs Jono Carroll

The defending world champion Tevin Farmer sporting red, white, and blue. Farmer was on time when arriving to face Irishman Jono Carroll. Farmer began the fight as a six to one favorite with a record of twenty eight wins, four losses, and one draw. Jono “King Kong” Carroll fights in a southpaw stance and began the night with a record of sixteen wins, one draw, and one loss. The main event began with three rounds of fury. Jono Carroll would begin to bleed late in the third. The Irishman appeared unfazed and continued to throw consistent punches. Tevin Farmer’s picture perfect right hook would send Jono Carroll’s mouth piece flying. Tevin Farmer would finish the sixth round in excellence. Jono Carroll threw over 1,000 punches by the eleventh round and Farmer countered with a number of hard punches. The fight was honestly too close to call without the scorecard of judges in hand. Unanimous decision would elect Tevin Farmer as the winner of the fight. The belt would not exchange hands in the main event on Dazn Network TV Thursday evening.

The main event for social media followers was most obviously Jake Paul vs AnesonGib.

Logan Paul, Devin Haney, and KSI commentary may have created additional dialogue answering the important questions. Devin Haney asked KSI; “Who would win if you fought Logan Paul again?” Both KSI and Logan Paul believe they would win in a third fight.  Sat Logan Paul next to KSI and Logan Paul interviewed KSI. Logan Paul asked; “Would you really fight Jake?” KSI responded with dedication toward music as a primary focus. However, he said that his focus on boxing could offer time to train for a Jake Paul fight. KSI previously mentioned that he wanted to fight Jake Paul should he defeat AneSonGib. Kyle name please quickly broke up the proximity by convincing Logan Paul to hit the Boxer arcade machine. Logan registered the high score. The video trending online where KSI punches the machine may have been bolstered. KSI was unable to register a winning shot on the boxer machine. KSI’s secondary shot may have broke the machine registering a zero. The following shot would register a 783 on the boxer machine and KSI finally took a loss against KSI. Devin Haney declined the challenge to top Logan Paul’s score. 

Hours after all the boxer machine fun Logan Paul reign supreme. “I’m in love with this sport.” Jake Paul won the fight in the first round by KO. AnesonGib was bloodied. It takes bravery to step into the ring with a 191 pound Jake Paul after five months of training with Shane Mosley. The sport of boxing is dangerous and the rewards can be painful. It’s with no disrespect to AnesonGib that the Jake Paul vs Gib Animation was created. Jake Paul proved his ability was excessive beyond the rocket like knock out power of Jake Paul in the animation. “KSI is going to get clocked next.” The words that took KSI to face off with Jake Paul. The two were standing forehead to forehead. It appears that there may be a fight to back up the words of KSI. It wasn’t long before words resulted in a jostle. Jake Paul’s hands in ten ounce gloves are strong. It may be a good idea for AnesonGib to seek medical treatment in the event he’s been severely hurt. The world can only be hopeful that AnesonGib will be able to recover from the devastating blows delivered by Jake Paul.

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